Lena Falkenhagen

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Lena Falkenhagen

writer, Federal Chairman of the VS

Professional novelist, RPG and game writer as well as narrative designer, Lena Falkenhagen has been published for 23 years. As a versatile writer over many different genres and formats, Lena is a highly skilled narrative vision keeper with a decisive and flexible mind.

In the past 23 years, Lena has won novel awards (Delia 2010) as well as game awards (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2015) for her work. She has published fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction novels for Random House’s Wilhelm Heyne Verlag; sat on the design board of Germany’s most successful tabletop RPG "Das Schwarze Auge" (The Dark Eye); and worked on Bigpoint’s free-to-play mmorpg "Drakensang Online" for 5 years.

She acquired a degree in English and German literary studies with a focus on medieval literature, and teaches novel writing and dramaturgy. She is co-founder and vice president of PAN, Germany’s fantasy & science fiction novelist’s association.

(Photo : © falkenhagen.de)